Georgia released Ukrainian ship from arrest

01.11.2010 13:24

Georgia released Ukrainian ship from arrest

Ukrainian ship ‘Accord’, which since July 28, has been under arrest in the Georgian port of Poti, is released. According to Deputy Foreign Minister Ruslan Demchenko, the crew of ‘Accord’ included 11 Ukrainians and one Russian citizen.

"Thanks to the persistent work of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, the Ukrainian ship ‘Accord’, which since from July 28 this year has been arrested in the Georgian port of Poti, is released," - said Ruslan Demchenko.

He reported that six Ukrainian sailors left the vessel on August 9 and returned home. Other sailors voluntarily stayed on board to maintain its life. In addition, through the efforts of the Foreign Ministry, the captain of the ship, a Russian citizen was also released from custody, writes Segodnya.

Currently, the sailors still are on board of ‘Accord’, their health is normal, they are provided with all the necessary things, according to the Foreign Ministry. Tbilisi court on October 26 decided to release the ship. After the decision enters into force, on November 9 Ukrainian ship will leave the territory of Georgia.

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