Ukraine and Europe will agree on visa-free regime in November

27.10.2010 10:13

Ukraine and Europe will agree on visa-free regime in November

Ukraine hopes to adopt an action plan to introduce visa-free regime with the countries in the European Union at the forthcoming summit Ukraine-EU summit in Brussels (Belgium) on November 22. Foreign Minister of Ukraine Kostiantyn Hryschenko told about it on Tuesday, October 26, in Brussels in an interview to Ukrainian journalists.

"Today we have discussed this issue with Catherine Ashton (EU High Representative - editor.), and Stefan Fule (European Commissioner – editor.). Yesterday foreign ministers of EU countries decided that the action plan would be the main one among the elements that would be approved at our summit, "- said the Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

Head of Foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that the issue of liberalizing the visa regime for some EU countries is "rather complicated" process.

"We are not talking about the possibility to decide the issue of employment immediately, but I am sure that it is a very important component in order to let people going abroad to study there, so they can learn the achievements of these countries, or especially for leisure and in many other cases", Interfax-Ukraine cites Kostiantyn Hryschenko as saying.

According to the Minister, it is important for the Ukrainian side during the summit to "give a signal to continue the activization of the negotiation process on a free trade zone." "We have noticed the significant progress that has been reached during the last round (of negotiations – editor.), but there are rather complicated topics. Later Ukraine will benefit from the accession to the EU market, but at the same time, we need a transition period so that the major players will be able to adapt" - said Kostiantyn Hryschenko.

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