Transport Ministry opens rivers to foreign vessels

07.12.2010 17:15

Transport Ministry opens rivers to foreign vessels

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is working to remove obstacles for the entry of foreign vessels in the main waterways of Ukraine.

"We have made a list of tasks to be solved for the Dnieper and Danube to become powerful arteries for international traffic," the press service of the Transport and Communications Ministry quoted Minister Kostiantyn Yefimenko as saying during a meeting with the industry representatives.

In the near future, experts of the Transport Ministry will revise the existing tariffs, make dredge efforts and repair locks, as well as develop together with representatives of the leading shipping companies amendments to the relevant regulations.

In particular, Ukrmorrichflot will calculate all tariff services for vessels that go along the rivers, establish a working group on tariff regulation services of inland ports for transshipment of cargos, and inspect the state of locks on the Dnieper.

Specialists, together with representatives of private shipping companies Ukrrichflot and Nibulon, will improve the draft law of Ukraine on the inland waterway transport, as well as prepare the necessary changes to the Cabinet of Ministers' resolution on opening river ports for the call of foreign non-military vessels.

Now Ukrainian river ports may host vessels flying foreign colors only based on a one-time permit issued by Ukrmorrichflot, which complicates the development of navigation on inland waterways. UKRINFORM

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