Hungary and Poland will concentrate on Ukraine

08.11.2010 10:55

Hungary and Poland will concentrate on Ukraine

Hungary and Poland, who will chair the EU (European Union) in 2011, intend to concentrate on the development of relations with eastern neighbors of the EU, in particular with Ukraine.

Among their aims are increasing the non-repayable financial aid and crediting of the countries of the Eastern Partnership in the amount of 4.5 billion Euros, representatives of the Foreign Ministries of Hungary and Poland told during the conference on Eastern Partnership in Lublin.

"Eastern vector, in particular the relationship with Ukraine, will be one of our priorities", - said the head of the Strategic Planning Department of the Foreign Ministry of Hungary Adam Chestai. "Poland is ready to sign an agreement on the association EU-Ukraine during its chairmanship. The second thing that interests us is the process of visa liberalization" - added authorized representative of the Foreign Ministry of Poland on the Eastern Partnership Andzej Cheshkovskyi.

Also Hungary and Poland do not lose hope to influence on the attitude of the EU towards Ukraine. "We have no formal permissions, but we have the possibility of lobbying," - said a source in the Foreign Ministry of Hungary. "We will be able to use the authority of the chairman to reach a consensus on the Ukrainian issue among member countries", - RBC-Ukraine cites Adam Chestay as saying.

As a reminder, previously the presiding country played an important role in determining EU policy towards Ukraine. Thanks to support of Finland in 2006 the agreement on simplification of visa regime was approved, and in 2008 at the initiative of France Brussels agreed to hold negotiations with Kyiv on the association.

Now, as a result of the Lisbon Treaty, the degree of influence of the country chairman on the formation of foreign policy priorities has decreased – since December 1, 2009, it largely depends on the EU High Representative on foreign policy. Now Catherine Ashton holds the office.


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