Communists demand end to cooperation with IMF

28.12.2010 16:45

Communists demand end to cooperation with IMF

Ukraine should end its cooperation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after holding a respective referendum, Ukrainian Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko has said.

"In my opinion, cooperation with the IMF should be stopped. We need to hold a referendum," he said at a press conference in Kyiv on Tuesday.

Symonenko said that the demands made by the fund, including those on the Housing Code and pension reform, indicated that the IMF "does not respect the political sovereignty and independence of Ukraine."

He noted that the IMF was dictating its demands to Ukraine proceeding from its own interests, "which humiliates our nation and the state as a whole."

Symonenko said that therefore, Ukraine "is losing its political sovereignty."

As reported, in August 2010, the Communist Party of Ukraine proposed holding a national referendum regarding further cooperation with the IMF with respect to the fund's demands that Ukraine raise prices for goods and services, including utilities. Interfax-Ukraine

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