UEFA went justice to Srna

09.11.2010 12:57

UEFA went justice to Srna


Captain of FC Shakhtar (Donetsk) Dario Srna has entered the symbolic team of the 4th round of the Champions League by UEFA. As a reminder, the opinions of experts and fans were taken into account.

The national team of the fourth round is as follows:

Wieland (Copenhagen) - Srna (Shakhtar (Donetsk)), Ivanovic (Chelsea), Moises (Braga), Koentrau (Benfica) - Shadley (FC Twente), Scholes (Manchester United), Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich), Bale (Tottenham) - Gignac (Marseille), Inzaghi (Milan), reports Sport.ua.

Among all eleven players only got two players received the highest scores of experts - 9.5 points - Gareth Bale (Tottenham) and captain of FC Shakhtar (Donetsk) Dario Srna.

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