Euro 2012: Сontest for major animal starts

05.11.2010 12:04

Euro 2012: Сontest for major animal starts

Today, on November 5, a contest for the informal talisman for Euro 2012 will start. Ukrainians must choose the major animal of the Championship.

According to Vice Prime Minister for Euro-2012 Borys Kolesnykov, the animal which lives within the territory of Ukraine, should become such a talisman.

According to him, it would be advisable to hold a contest to determine the animal of Euro 2012, especially among journalists. Everyone should submit a proposal about the talisman of the football championship within 60 days.

Information about the contest is published on the website of the Information Center Ukraine-2012. The contest will run until December 31 this year. By Sport.BigMir

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