FC Shakhtar striker thrilled with win over Arsenal

04.11.2010 14:19

FC Shakhtar striker thrilled with win over Arsenal


FC Shakhtar (Donetsk) put in a strong performance in Champions League match at home to FC Arsenal (London) and they eventually cruised to a 2-1 victory courtesy of an Eduardo strike shortly before the interval.

"The most important thing is that we won; it was a special game for us. It was very hard and FC Arsenal played well but we got the victory," Eduardo was quoted as saying on uefa.com.

"It is very hard to come back when you are losing against a team like FC Arsenal because they are very strong on the counter-attack. We took a big risk to try and score the equalizer and our timing when we scored the first and second goals was perfect”, Eduardo said.

"We have a great team. Our players are technically very good and we have many Brazilians like Jadson, Willian and Luiz Adriano who like to keep the ball on the pitch and play”, UNIAN cites Eduardo with reference to Goal.com as saying.

"Shakhtar are a football club definitely moving in the right direction.", he said.

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